Why morocco ?

Why filming in Morocco ?

Morocco shares many of the advantages that first drew filmmakers to California: year-round sunshine, diverse landscapes, great old architecture and abundant available extras.  

Since the Lumière Brothers shot Le Cavalier Marocain (The Morrocan Horseman) in Morocco in 1893 . Morocco become  one of the most favoured locations in the world.

Morocco is a very secured place and smart choice for its competitive prices and a well experienced crew . With its long history, diverse culture and ancient traditions, Morocco offers one of the worlds most exotic locations diverse landscapes, great old architecture and available extras . And is yet only a three and a half hour flight from London. Along with its own beauty, Morocco has an incredible diversity of landscape. Areas of the country can double for Afghanistan, Middle East, Himalayas, South America, Beirut, Tehran, Nevada, Arizona, Pakistan, TCHAD , Greece, Vietnam, East West and South Africa, Jamaica, Canada, Switzerland and Mars. All are under an hours drive from a major city or town and many are within an hour of each other.

Filming incentives

Morocco offers a 20% VAT exemption for goods and services bought by foreign production companies, and the local crew are experienced and well versed in big-budget filmmaking.
And Starting on March 31, 2016, Morocco offers 20% cash rebate on all eligible spend in Morocco, provided that there is at least 10 million Moroccan Dirham ($1 million USD) of eligible expenditure in Morocco and at least 18 days work – including set-building and/or the shoot

Some posters of film shot in Morocco